I Design, Develop, and Implement Innovative Software Solutions on Web and PC Platforms

I am an experienced Computer Information Systems Instructor and Software Engineer with a proven track record of delivering highly qualified and knowledgeable students. Instructional strengths include various instructional strategies, curriculum development, cross department collaboration, and university partnerships. Software engineering strengths include full stack web application solutions, business productivity enhancements through the use of software, project time management, and the modeling of data and business processes/systems.

I currently work as the Senior Software Engineer at Bert R. Hybels, Inc. and teach as an Adjuct Faculty at Kalamazoo Valley Community College's Computer Information Systems department.

Bert R. Hybels, Inc. is a Kalamazoo based bedding plant brokerage between 26 Kalamazoo area plant growers and over 1000 independent garden centers throughout half of the United States. Shipping over 1000 loads consisting of approximately 28000 carts of product each spring season.

Highlights of my job at Bert R. Hybels, Inc. include:
  • Designed, implemented, and tested a new web based system to handle planning between customer orders, grower product inventory, and trucking logistics using PostgreSQL, Python and the Django web framework.
  • Improved existing web based system for customer orders to better handle grower product inventory and the basics of trucking logistics using MySQL, PHP, and Laravel.
  • Implemented a secure web based API for growers to facilitate third party B2B software communication.
  • Successfully deployed and maintain web based systems using Linux machines in a virtualized environment on Amazon Web Services.
  • Upgrade network infrastructure for redundant fiber and cable Internet connections and a zero configuration fail over to backup lines in the event of disruption.

Kalamazoo Valley Community College is a post-secondary institution committed to enriching the lives of students and communities through quality educational programs and services.

At KVCC I teach the following classes:
  • Advanced C# - The third software development course at KVCC.
  • Mobile Application Development - An introduction to making mobile apps on Android using Java.
  • Web Development for ECommerce - A multi-discipline course where students from different disciplines form a team to plan and implement a web application for a non-profit orgainization.

In conjunction with my Department Chair, and the Computer Science Department at Wester Michigan University I have helped develop a two new Python courses, and two new Web Application courses with a focus on ASP.NET. I also take groups of students to the USITCC and MWC3 conference each year so that they can get exposure to a Professional Conference and expand their learning outside the classroom.

Recent Projects

MWC3 Midwest Collegiate Computing Conference

Website and application used both before and during the conference for marketing, registration, annoucements, and competition judging

  • UN: admin@example.com
  • PW: password


Application that provides room scheduling for 34 rooms at WMU's College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, an inventory control system, log entry for AV equipment work, and an employee section that provides clocking in and out, work scheduling, and timesheet management.

  • UN: admin1
  • PW: password
Demo Github Code

Paw Paw Wine Distributors

In development application to keep track of warehouse inventory amounts and locations for Paw Paw Wine Distributors. Features include: Tracking movement of stock between trucks, warehouse locations, and delivery staging areas. Generate various related reports.

  • UN: admin
  • PW: laravel4

Challenger Little League

Website redesign for the Challenger Little League of Kalamazoo. Improvements to the site include: New UI design, easily maintainable photo gallery, and an online volunteer form.

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CAE Inventory

This is the first client side heavy application I wrote. It keeps track of inventory for the CAE Center at the University I worked at. The project utilized backbone.js on the client side, and Slim php on the server side. An improved version of this system has been included in the CAE Web application above.

  • UN: admin
  • PW: password
Demo Github Code

Demo Applications

Backbone.js Demo Application

Small demo application showing how to use backbone.js to create a client side application. The application allows a user to expand a row in the list of inventory to show the details of the item. Information can be updated and saved.

Demo Github Code

Laravel Demo Application

Small demo application showing how to use laravel to create a server side application. The application allows a user to login, add new items, view the details of an item, update an item, and delete an item.

  • UN: admin
  • PW: laravel4
Demo Github Code

KVCC AITP Finished Web Projects

Kids in the Mudd Off Road Park


Parent to Parent of Southwest Michigan


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